CBD Dosage, How much CBD should I take?

First of all, there is no hard and fast rule for how much CBD to take for each and every individual. You cannot overdose on CBD, so there is no danger of taking too much, but you need to find your own sweetspot. There is a point where using too much actually may go against your goals, including creating a tolerance to CBD with overuse, so you need to be diligent. I suggest keeping a 'CBD diary/logbook' to keep track of use and effect.

Several factors come into play here; genetics, overall health, weight, and desired effects.

To start, just know all 1 oz bottles, which are the typical size, contain 600 drops. It is suggested you start with 1 mg of CBD for every 10 lbs of weight/day. So (for example) if you are 150 lbs we suggest you would need 15 mg of CBD.

A 500mg bottle contains 600 drops = .84 mg/drop

Therefore, we would recommend 18 drops for a 150 lbs person to start. We also recommend that you divide that amount into two doses per day. In this example case we recommend 9 drops, at least 15 minutes before your first meal, and then again 15 minutes before dinner, with no food or drink for 15 minutes after each dose. Hold under the tongue for a good 30 seconds as well.

To recap: The formula is weight/10 = amount of CBD to us in mg. Then multiply that by the CBD given in each drop, which is based on the number of mg in each bottle.

Typical amounts of CBD per 1 oz bottle are:

250 mg=.42 mg/drop
500 mg=.84 mg/drop
750 mg =1.26 mg/drop
1,000 mg = 1.68 mg/drop

 Here is a guideline for modifying dosage levels based on your individual symptoms:

1. For mild effects such as mild anxiety, mild sleeplessness & overall well being use the recommended dosage outlined above.

2. For moderate effects, such as high anxiety, mild pain & moderate sleeplessness use 1.25 times the amount outlined above.

3. For strong effects, such as pain (back pain, headache issues) use 1.5 times the recommended dosage outlined above.

If after two weeks you’re finding the dosage level to be ineffective or not to your desire, double the dosage after your first two weeks.

As a footnote, thousands of people are now using CBD to help combat anxiety and sleep issues. If you feel sleep issues are due to anxiety then take an extra 3 or 4 drops of CBD (of whatever strength you are using) a good one half hour before you go to bed. However, CBD has been shown to raise your metabolic rate giving you more energy (and will be discussed in an upcoming article written by this author). If you are not experiencing insomnia due to anxiety, it is not recommended you use CBD just before going to bed.

Remember, you cannot overdose on CBD, so be a little patient, experiment, and you'll be able to find YOUR perfect dose.


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