Feedback From Our Happy Customers!

"Since all I knew of support stockings was the tight rubbery kind that left deep grooves on my mother’s legs, I resisted them for years. Was I surprised!

I HATE constricting clothes. I go for loose stuff (almost exclusively in cotton, wool, linen, or silk) and pretty much live in flip flops year round. I dreaded stuffing my (au naturale, ouch!) legs into what I thought of as a torture garment. So, these open toe/heel knee-highs from A Comfort Place were a very pleasant surprise.

They go on pretty easily, leave no serious marks on my legs, wash easily and dry quickly, and don’t seem like they’d be all that hot (even in summer). Other brands may do this too, for all I know.

But THESE stockings offer a critical advantage I couldn’t find elsewhere: they - comfortably - compress my ankle and the top part of my foot while leaving my toes and heels able to “breathe” AND they’re not that ubiquitous “nude” color I am so averse to.

By mid-afternoon on the first day, I noticed how much better my legs FELT. Taking them off is just a little harder than putting them on (not really difficult at all), so the only thing I wasn’t eager to do was wash them every night. Yes, they’re a little pricey, but they’re worth it. I promptly ordered another pair.

For reference purposes: I ordered a Large based on calf measurements taken when my legs were a bit swollen, but my fears would’ve probably led me to get this size anyway. I don’t have a big frame, but (based on size charts for other products), it seems I have thick ankles.

My only other wish is that they came in a “short” version, since I’m barely over 5’ and have stubby legs to start with. I just spend an extra minute making sure the excess fabric is dispersed along the full length of my calf. This keeps the socks from digging into my ankle creases."

— K. Garry


"I was measured for their pressure socks at the CVC conference this year. The socks/stockings are excellent, and I was given tips for wash and care to help extend their use. I found the price is comparable to other pressure socks and their quality is great. As someone who is on their feet from 8-6, these help fight fatigue!"

— W. Cathuska


"Dear ACE Socks, I bought my first pair of socks at the ONS in Denver, CO in 2017. I have been searching high and low for your website online, and just recently found it! I bought three more pairs of socks! I walk about 12,000 steps per day at work (nurse), and have tried so many compression socks. YOUR BRAND IS THE BEST. I sent your website link to my entire floor of 50 nurses, and I hope you get some business! I will be on the lookout for new styles:) The hand written "thank you" on my order sheet compelled me to send you a personal thank you:) So thank you! I have happy feet and happy legs at the end of the day because of your company!"

— D. Lawry, RN


"Purchased a pair of your Tomkats at the AORN conference. Just wanted to let you know that I really like them. They saved my feet for the last part of the conference (just wished that I had found them the first day)."

— D. Glish, RN


 "Excellent socks! Really like the wider band. Just the right amount of support. Thanks!"

— P. Leja


"My calves feel wonderful after wearing these! Really helps when on my feet a lot!"

— M. Granger


"These socks are so comfortable and they really do keep your ankles and feet from swelling. I got two pair and am looking to buy more now. Cute styles, too."

— L. Rudin