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Brain Spray with sensoril ashwagandha and rhodiola rosea by My Daily Choice


Your brain is the most powerful organ in your body. When your brain functions correctly, it can mean the difference between a stressed out day filled with anxiety and concern and a happy, balanced, focused day filled with joy and calmness. Brain spray is the most powerful brain product on the market which helps to support cognitive function, improve memory and maintain focus!


  • Helps regulate mood
  • Combats anxiety
  • Helps maintain focus
  • Improves cognitive function and memory

Serving Size: 6 sprays
Servings Per Container: 33

Proprietary blend of sensoril ashwagandha (Witania somnifera extract), citicoline, resveratrol, beta alaline, rhodiola rosea extract, ginseng pant extract, astaxanthin, vitamin B12, vitamin B3 and vitamin B6

*contains soy

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