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A Compression Evolution

Black 15/20 MMHG Unisex Compression Calf Sleeves

$24.95 USD

Our compression stirrups are made with a high-quality fabric blend in a therapeutic, true graduated 15/20 mmHg compression. The moisture-wicking fabric helps draw sweat and moisture off of the skin and onto the top of the sock fabric to help evaporate the moisture.

Our Compression Stirrups are perfect for:


Our Socks Help:

Energize legs
Prevent swelling
Alleviate achiness and heaviness
Prevent and reduce spider and varicose veins
Aid in muscle recovery

Our Socks Feature:

Graduated compression from ankle to calf
Contoured leg and heel for a superior fit
Flexible toe pocket for extra comfort
Spandex throughout the sock
Wide calf sizing

Compression Level: 15-20 mmHg (Appropriate for all-day, everyday wear)

Material: 75% Nylon, 25% Lycra

Needle Count:  400

Care Instructions: Machine wash after each wear, cold water, delicate air dry.

Calf Sleeve Sizing Chart:

Small: Ankle 7" - 8.5" | Calf 11" - 15"
Medium: Ankle 8.5" - 10" | Calf 12.5" - 16.5"
Large: Ankle 10.5" - 11.5" | Calf 16" - 20"
X-Large: Ankle 11.5" - 13" | Calf 19" - 23"

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