All USPS package services are experiencing delays. Additionally, not all tracking numbers are showing and not all orders are being scanned. If you do not see a tracking number or if it shows your package is in pre-shipment it doesn’t mean it hasn’t been processed. Please be patient, as most packages do eventually arrive.

Due to these current issues with USPS we are now requiring an opt-in to acknowledge and accept the risks involved with utilizing USPS services to transport your purchase. By opting in you are absolving us of the responsibility of filing a claim on your behalf and are accepting the responsibility of following up with your local post office and/or filing a lost package claim online as you see fit. By opting in you are also accepting the risk of not receiving your product and agree to hold the United States Postal Service accountable for your loss.

We offer an alternative carrier service with UPS if you are unwilling to accept the potential loss and unwilling to be responsible for submitting claims for lost and/or undelivered packages. If you choose to use UPS, please opt-in at checkout and select UPS as your shipping option.

If you choose to select USPS as your carrier of choice and you reach out to us about an issue with receiving your order, we will refer you back to this page.

We appreciate your patience and understanding during these unusual times.


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If you are missing a package visit to begin the claims process.